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Simple talk about the knowledge of solar panels

DATE :2014-05-08 11:34:45 Source:Jinhua Daily Browse:7

Today the world is to promote environmentally friendly energy , which also spawned the emergence of a lot of saving energy , which we want to say to this is that solar cells, today we have the knowledge to simply talk about the solar cell.Is a tandem solar cell prepared in the p , i, n junction solar cell layer unit then depositing one or more of the subcells Pin obtained .Tandem solar cell conversion efficiency can be improved , so as to solve the key problem of single-junction cells instability that :

It is a branch of the combination of different materials together in the band gap is used to improve the response range of the spectrum ;2 batteries i layer is thinner , the electric field intensity of light produced by small, so on to ensure that the i-layer optical carriers withdrawn ;3 bottom cell carriers generated about half of single cells , light- induced degradation effect is reduced ;4 tandem solar cells are connected in series with each of the subcells .So how are we going to be wired like solar panels ?In the next two terminals around the positive and negative signs, this is representing the state of the battery in the work of the positive and negative output voltage , then we follow the demand for electricity connection being connected to the positive and negative then negative . After wiring the use of mechanical compression mode , use M4 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw terminal pressing , followed by peeling the wire through the G7 cable gland , terminal insertion hole , the wire clamp . Wait until the wire is connected, the battery will be covered with protective cover , using a Phillips screwdriver M4 self-tapping screws into the screw hole , and fixed in the junction box cover after cover , thus completing the wiring of solar panels .

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