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Analysis of Nanocrystalline Solar Cells

DATE :2014-05-08 11:33:35 Source:Jinhua Evening News Browse:3

When it comes to solar cells, I believe many people are not familiar with , in today 's environment, the pursuit of new energy , solar cells much-loved , especially government support, in solar cells , silicon solar cell is undoubtedly the most mature , However, because of its high cost , so now also do large-scale application , it can not meet the requirements of large-scale application . For this reason , people have been constantly exploring the corresponding processes, new materials , batteries and other aspects of the film , and nano- crystalline TiO2 solar cells chemical energy which appears in this newly developed , so that domestic and foreign scientists are very seriously.Battery chemistry called nanocrystalline solar cells ( referred to as the NPC battery ) is caused by a modification of the band gap semiconductor material , assembled into another large bandgap semiconductor material is formed on its narrow bandgap semiconductor material is used mainly transition metals Ru and Os compounds such as sensitizing dye , and a large bandgap semiconductor material is a polycrystalline nano- TiO2 electrode is made to turn the other will choose the appropriate NPC cell redox electrolytes.

Advantages nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells is that it has a low cost and simple process , but also has a stable performance. In addition to its current stable photovoltaic efficiency above 10% , while its production cost of silicon solar cells is just 1/5 to 1 /10. Lifetime is longer , to reach more than 2O years .

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