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Chinese solar panel installed capacity world's sixth

DATE :2014-05-07 17:01:45 Source:Jinhua Daily Browse:12

June 26 is the summer solstice , the longest day of the year is also the northern hemisphere , the shortest day of the night . Famous solar photovoltaic manufacturing equipment suppliers , the fourth annual survey of Solar Applied Materials, Inc. recently announced the results show that although many people of different views on the current cost and penetration of solar technology, but consumers are optimistic about the future of solar energy , their awareness of the lower popularity of the biggest challenges facing solar energy . As of 2011 , the cumulative installed solar panels largest number of countries are: Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain , the United States and China .

Applied Materials conducts annual surveys of solar solstice , is committed to helping reduce the overall cost per watt of solar technology to make solar occupy a larger share of the global energy mix . The survey in China , India, Japan and the United States to carry out .

A sharp decline in recent years, the cost of solar energyThis time last year , industry data show that by 2020, 98 percent of the world's countries will achieve grid parity , or more solar energy than the traditional price advantage . Now, however, the data show that as of the end of 2012 to achieve this goal. 55% of respondents approved of this change indicates that the solar energy cheaper than coal and other traditional energy sources. Indian respondents hold this view more , reaching 68%. In contrast , 51 percent of Japanese respondents believe solar energy is more expensive than conventional energy sources. In view that the more expensive solar energy 35% of global consumers , 39% of consumers believe that within nine years , the cost of solar energy will be flat with the traditional or cheaper.

Development of solar energy can provide jobsNearly half ( 46 percent ) of respondents believe that the development of solar markets to create jobs. Among them, the American consumers most optimistic in this regard that almost 60% (58% ) of consumers expressed this view. The proportion of consumers who hold this view of China and India are almost flush , respectively, 49 % and 48% , tied for second place. Japanese consumers the most cautious, only four percent of the respondents believe that solar energy has no effect on the labor market. 25% of global respondents even believe that solar energy will reduce jobs.

Cathy Boone Applied Materials senior energy policy and market development director, said : "The global solar industry and create jobs, more than half after the solar panel factory , such as construction, installation, sales , design, engineering , electrical , etc. any one . country, city or community are likely to directly benefit from the development of the solar industry , to get real jobs, as long as they are willing to make a commitment to use solar energy to replace fossil fuels . "

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