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Rooftop solar powered watering vegetables cool

DATE :2014-05-07 16:57:52 Source:Jinhua Daily Browse:21

In the just-concluded 28th Youth Science Creation Competition in Zhejiang Province, Yinzhou District fifth grade students should center Wang Fangdong invented the "water cycle automatic air conditioning cooling house" won the first prize in primary school.

Wangfang Dong said, "cool air-conditioned house," works by the pump will be pumped to the roof water tanks pipes, pipe sprinkler watering plants, so plants and soil to store water in its natural state of these water evaporating away the roof of the large part of the heat. Excess water flows into the wastewater collection tank homeopathy, through the filter, back tanks, in order to achieve recycling.

Technological innovation and competition, the judges teachers believe that this air-conditioned house work and domestic water use precipitation, evaporation cooling by water, do not consume extra energy. At the same time, also the use of solar power, the roof also planted vegetables and fruits, is a clever idea.

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